About Deborah’s Quest

A Quest for Freedom

From long,  long ago, there is a story that rides on the wind. It blows past the treetops, flowing over the stones and through the streams…

There it is known, that a  great-great-great grandmother crossed paths with the renowned Doctress of Indian Hollow, along the Mohawk Trail in New England.  Many years later Deborah would be drawn to that land of healing light, to learn from the powerful medicine of her elders, in creating Eagles Landing Sanctuary.

Many years before, as a young woman of 20, seeking something deeper in her heart, Life conspired to bring Deborah an opportunity to cross the path of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This began a life-long conscious quest to live in the state of Yogastah kuru karmani:  performing human action from the state of inner peace and expansive consciousness that is the birthright of every human.

My heart is full of gratitude for those individuals and the Vedic Tradition who brought that wisdom of life to me.  So many transforming gifts, but most profound and all encompassing is the ability to Transcend the outer experiences of life, to travel deep within,  experiencing the Oneness underlying all of Life – Transcendental Consciousness through meditation. (The Transcendental Meditation Program TM)

The opportunity to share that wisdom and deepen into it myself is a gift beyond all others in this lifetime. All blessings to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,  Beulah Smith, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati of Jyotir Math and Craig Dillman for ushering my way to the most powerful, all-pervasive, all seeing, all knowing field of life: Transcendental Consciousness,  for that has been the foundation of all that came later, and of all inwardly and outwardly that I will accomplish in this lifetime. I am Blessed.

As a student of world cultures, and healing tools throughout the ages, my studies  led to education over decades which included many arenas…Ayurveda, Nutrition,  Breathwork, Conscious Parenting, Polarity Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, the Acupuncture Meridian System, Therapeutic Movement, Light and Sound ….many detailed studies in the Health Care field…some of that time educating doctors in using nutritional support within their professional practice…and in another dimension of life, being President of the Board of a fledgling Waldorf School on the West Coast…during that time enjoying her explorations in  Wet-on-wet-Watercolor Painting, biodynamic gardening, and Eurythmy (visible speech and therapeutic movement).

Years later, my own native roots led to  studying traditional ceremonies for healing, purification and wisdom.  These timeless traditions came into view, bringing me to the work of don Miguel Angel Ruiz, M.D., author of The Four Agreements and Mastery of Love.  Many supported me in that deep inner reflection time. In the beginning of that journey into the Eagle Knight Lineage, Deborah was named Little Squeaking Eagle with much laughter….due to her initial fear of heights atop the pyramid of the moon while hung upside down to fly….but ultimately she soared.

“Deborah’s clients are very fortunate to experience her love.” don Miguel Ruiz later announced to a large Easter Celebration in 2001.

As Deborah completed her Masters Degree in Body-Centered Psychotherapy, at Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado… including therapeutic movement, art and healing modalities from around the world, she looked toward those practices which contributed to her own and others’ experience of well-being, of their inherent wholeness…

So studies ensued in:  Chinese Medicine , Cranial Sacral Therapy,  Trauma Release Work, and more…

By drawing from modern scientific research on brain integration and neuroscience, along with  traditional healing modalities from around the world, Deborah has created a modern, time effective, nourishing, and profound way to heal the past, ease the body-mind and emotions,  and manifest a new dream today, enjoying growth, peace and increased happiness in this earthly life…bringing together the seeming polarities of the human experience into the Oneness and Wholeness that is our Birthright and the ultimate Truth of Life…

She has led groups and power journeys that change people’s lives and point of view…back to the truth of who you are…to the big picture guiding our lives…learning tools you weren’t taught growing up… and empowering the ability to create what works for you in this lifetime…all with a sense of groundedness unique to this Mystic Medicine Woman, as her Cherokee friends named her.

Deborah has walked courageously and with grace through a history of childhood poverty, fear, abuse, abandonment, self responsibility, emptiness and aloneness. Her path meandered through relationships of great love, betrayal, grief, separation, comparison and longing. She has felt the upheaval of seeming to have nothing, then climbing to success and one more time,  starting life over again.

Deborah has been drawn to help others through life’s challenges since childhood, first finding relief in a heightened awareness of others, in caretaking, in loving all Beings, regardless of their flaws, in movement and in silence…later taking solace in the peace and spaciousness of Nature, the inspiration of color, light and music…and opening to the infinite resources and power of the subtle, unseen world in which we live.

Life has brought her the experiences that would allow her to find that expansive, Universal love for all Beings…to find deep relief within herself…to create what she needs from what is at hand…and to trust most of all in the infinite, transcendental field of life, knowing and resting in Being part of that Wholeness of creation.

These were the gifts of her journey, and she generously shares those gifts of awareness, skills, manifesting transformation and higher consciousness with you. Deborah has an uncanny ability to make complicated life situations simple and clear by getting under the surface to the deepest truth and big picture point of view. She holds unconditional love for each one until they can find it for themselves, helping you finding the place inside that feels good about who you are, and all the while learning to rest in the spiritual experience of expansive, spacious, transcendental peace which is the deepest truth and purpose of our life.

Deborah’s intense journey has given her a rich life experience in addition to her extensive trainings.  This allows her an ease of  walking with you through your challenges to find the perspective of wisdom which helps you rise out of stress and suffering.  Deborah’s profound skillfulness in helping you know what is under the surface, hidden from view, helps you root firmly in your aliveness, healing and wholeness. In today’s difficult times, we all make these journeys best with the loving support and practical tools that are Deborah’s forte.

Deborah’s mastery is in transforming life situations with the Love that flows through her, blended with profound inner vision, deep connection with Truth and integrity, as well as her extensive healing modalities. In Personal Healing Sessions she creates the opportunity to move the stuck places you have held onto out of habit and fear…she brings you innovative practical tools & skills that work to create the changes you need, all in a nurturing, loving environment. Each session is unique and will take you deeper and into a more expansive point of view than you have travelled to before.

Today, Deborah still offers the Ayurvedic Mom and Baby Massage & Life Style program, within which she makes home-visits to support a new mom and baby staying in the comfort, balance, bliss during the early delicate weeks after birth, with gentle ayurvedic massage, nutritional recommendations & support, help with organizing life in a nourishing flow, biodynamic cranial sacral treatments, understanding the subtle needs of the new baby and healing mom, and reducing stress to create a peaceful home environment.

She offers therapeutic life coaching for individuals, couples and businesses to relieve stress and solve the stuck problems that keep you from living your full range of possibilities, whether it is efficiency, flow and success in business….or the flow of love, intimacy and communication that works in relationships.   She works with difficult teens as their advocate, and helps families to understand the deeper needs of each other.  Deborah brings the biodynamic model of cranial sacral therapy to help each individual connect with their deep, inner resources, wholeness, expansive intuition, then allowing that flow and stillness to translate into smoothness and relief in your daily life.

Deborah is the author of the book and CD set you can download now… CHOOSING FREEDOM: Healing the Source of Limiting Beliefs, which includes short practices, in which her potent voice and intent guide and help you:

*Release Stuck Emotions from the 5 Yin Organs (Liver, Kidneys, Lungs, Heart, Spleen)…
*Retrieve lost or scattered Energy from the present or past times of overwhelm or trauma…
*Open the flow of Light surrounding you as natural protection, so you can feel safe to be you, to breathe, to rest, to digest your food…
*Finding Peace Inside when critical thoughts make you feel scared or upset about yourself…and more…

Deborah also created the 4-CD Set: Tools for Life to help
you deepen your  growth…download, call or e-mail Deborah to get your copy…

So in a session with Deborah, whether on the phone or in person…she will guide you through the gentle release of stress and stuck places inside…the places that hold you back….whether their root is in childhood, still playing itself out, or in current time…or even longer ago, as in generational patterns….what is stuck can move, because at your core you are Whole and Complete….that has never changed…Deborah Lord’s gifts of inner seeing, subtle awareness and unconditional love help guide you to that expansive experience in daily life.

Offered with All My Love and Intent for Blessings Coming to You…

Deborah Lord, M.A.
413 207 1821


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