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Your Outdated Belief Systems

Old and New Dreams

What you believe is what you manifest. Your belief system is the basis of the life you live today. Your actions display the beliefs you still hold onto at your core.

Many people are living their lives out of core beliefs such as not being good enough, not being worthy of love, feeling less than. These beliefs are not true–they are lies that we believed as a child trying to make sense of our world. We had a little person’s view…now we have an opportunity to see with the wide angle view of the eagle.

Choosing your beliefs consciously allows you to take a step in clearing the fear, confusion and judgment that has controlled you. Then you may stand securely in your personal power, wisdom and self love.

Even if your intellect has figured out that a limiting belief is not true, often we as humans still live our life according to the limiting lie out of habit and fear of change. Through Deborah Lord’s work you can gather the skills to give up the fighting against yourself and create new beliefs based upon self-respect!

When we together align your mind, emotions, body and spirit, all the parts of you are cooperating toward manifesting the same intent: your well-being. This allows you the deep relief of overcoming self sabotage, and propels you toward living the dream you choose. This is called mastery of intent, and brings the delightful quality of grace and magic into your practical life!

I Am Here to be Me

Finding Acceptance in Surrender and Striving
by Deborah Lord, M.A.

I am a human being, a woman, and I am Here to Be Me. I have my feet on the earth and my head reaching toward heaven… I live in the connection between the material world and the unseen. If I choose to be all I can be, I strive, I struggle… but with what? The striving is to be more… more whole, more perfect, more spiritual… is that acceptance?

Is that congruent with the deep acceptance which brings us peace?

There is a polarity we live within each day of our journey to be free, to be whole: the polarity of striving to be who I am. I wonder, can the striving become surrendering to who I am in this very moment. Each of us is on a long journey, seeking to know God, to know our self, to be free. Freedom requires an awakening , a knowing that, I am here to be me. In that moment of total surrender, we allow the spaciousness of being ourselves, not needing to be more, not pretending we are less. After year upon year of resisting simple truth, the grace of enlightenment comes to take the place of inner struggle.

We do not become enlightened by trying to be like someone else. We do not become enlightened through eliminating our every fault, nor by becoming an image of perfection. We come to know the state of inner peace through a deep acceptance of our whole self — seeing our true nature, our gifts and our faults, all without veils of illusion. Seeing with the eyes of truth, and surrendering to that truth contains the seeds of tremendous power in creating a new reality for ourselves.

This new dream which is accessible to every human, is based on self respect and unconditional love for ourselves and all living beings. We can rest in that state, in a moment or a in a lifetime, according to our ability to choose self acceptance over self judgment, making our life choices out of love and respect for ourselves, rather than out of fear, guilt, obligation, criticism, or proving we are good enough. Good enough for whom? For ourselves, for the creator, or to suit the opinions of others? When we allow the seeds of opinions to guide our moment by moment life choices, we feel that we are living in a box. Choosing what brings us peace, what is aligned with self respect, what makes our heart sing–these choices create an inner feeling of freedom.

The path to freedom is a path of profound acceptance – acceptance of what is and who I am, acceptance of our personal destiny and the timing life is given in; acceptance that I could give up the fight against my true nature – I could release the need to be like someone else – I could release the judge who says, be more or be less. How often have we felt the wish to be different than we are, feeling that we need to be less noisy, less boisterous, less needy, less demanding, less trouble, less fat, less selfish, less wounded… Or have you struggled to be more perfect, more spiritual, more giving, more tolerant, more beautiful, more ? The truth is your only need from inside yourself is to be you.

In those moments of self- judgment it is useful to be with the questions: “What is True?” “What do I feel?” “What do I Need?” “What brings me Peace?” Allowing these questions to guide your day can bring a level of transformation you can barely fathom! Out of the practice of deep acceptance emerges a magnificent quality of life… a life in which union with all living beings is a reality in every moment. All possibilities are available for us to partake in, but it is necessary to gather our personal energy to the point that we can directly experience the choice available to us. In every moment there is the experience of separation and of union standing before us – both are true, both are absolutely real… it is a choice whether we focus our awareness on one or the other.

Our life is full of such paradoxes. The ability to have that choice comes through the process of surrendering to deeper and deeper levels of acceptance. For that choice and the blessed people who have come into my life at the right time to nudge me, my heart is grateful beyond words. I now invite you to join with me in an awesome journey of acceptance, a journey into who you truly are. Life is what happens while you’re waiting for perfection to come along… will you enjoy it or miss it?


The Messages you feed yourself mentally, emotionally, physically create the foundation of your life experience. If most of the internal

organs of the body replace their cells every few days, weeks or months, why does illness continue in the body? If humans have free will, why do you keep repeating patterns that do not serve your happiness? Because you have not changed the messages from your training, you continue to repeat what you’ve learned again and again, through limiting habits of thinking, holding onto emotions, negative speaking to yourself or others, and actions that go against your Self. These all create blockages in the body-mind-spirit continuum. Feeding yourself toxic material, whether it is in words, thoughts, feelings, food, air or water, it has an effect on your health and enjoyment of life. Change the messages you feed yourself to transform your life.

As a practice, during your day, notice the messages you are telling yourself: notice your thoughts when they are critical or unkind, and see if you can find the commitment inside yourself, to not go against yourself this day. Just one moment, one day at a time, notice when you are caught in emotional or physical discomfort. Then, pause and feel what you are experiencing in your body.  Breathe and feel the discomfort you are aware of. Then begin to breath in through your nose, and out of your mouth, making the sound ahhh as you exhale. As you find your willingness to release discomfort, you can consider the truth that no individual experience is worth giving up your happiness and well-being for! No one event, person or idea is worth giving up your connection with your center of peace, flow and wholeness. Remember you are breathing anyway, this doesn’t take any extra time, only a bit of awareness and commitment to loving kindness for you.  The more you are willing to release old messages that make you feel badly by breathing out your discomfort in every moment, the more you will find yourself deepening your connection with the peace, love, benevolent power and truth at your core. May you enjoy this moment and many blessings come to you as a result.

The Tricky Path Out of Human Domestication: A Journey from Child to Adult to Wholeness

What does any child want? To be loved, accepted, to feel safe. Of course, we still have those same desires, but as children those needs were linked to our sense of survival. There was a tremendous emotional charge which colored our thoughts and actions.

As we grew from innocent, alive little beings we learned to behave differently on the outside than we felt on the inside. We tried to grasp after and receive that little bit of love, acceptance, and safety we longed for. At the same time, we took on the prevailing beliefs that were passed on to us in our family, our school, and our culture.

We did not choose those beliefs consciously, we soaked them up like sponges, as children do. We must find great compassion for the child we once were, knowing we were doing our best in a world that rarely supported inner authenticity and freedom.

As we grew older, those beliefs that were putting a lid onto our authentic nature, may have begun to feel like a suffocating cage of domestication, hampering our breathing fully, our effective digestion, our ability to rest and relax, and our sense of inner well being.

By the time we are in our middle years, our inner self is often screaming to be free, to be fully alive. We deeply desire to live from and express our true self, but often cannot find the inner permission and may not even know how any longer.

Now we have an opportunity to look again with eyes of awareness at the beliefs we have been carrying.  With tools of transformation we can shift those beliefs into those that serve our wholeness, our well-being, our inner peace, our creativity and our aliveness.

On which day will you decide to take that leap of faith back to the Aliveness of your True Self, back to the Love at your core, the deep peace within you now?

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