Client Testimonials


“I am not doubting myself now and I trust myself like I couldn’t do even a
month ago! What I love about working with Deborah is that now I have
tools to handle the stressful times.” A.D. –  New York.

” Since working with Deborah, my life is completely different. It will never
be the same.  I used to suffer and feel victimized by my childhood wounds.
Now I have tools to move beyond the old patterns.” D.W.  – New Jersey

“I’m not doing the old self-sabotage now. It’s becoming second nature to be
in present time, to be the whole adult, rather than the wounded child.”
R.B.  – Wisconsin

“You are one of my greatest blessings, Deborah. My fundamental growth
this year has been a very positive direction.” J.P.  – Colorado

“I’m so grateful to you for never giving up and for sharing your wisdom with
us. Thanks so much for getting me on the road…shaking all that old stuff off
me.  K.R. – New Jersey

“The Power Journey was a wonderful experience…I see now that the wall in
front of my heart is no longer needed in my life…I cry out of happiness with
every piece removed…Thank you for holding a loving space for all of us, there
is no better gift.”  E.B. – Colorado

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